Link in Cell of Listbox

How can I put a link in a list box. I know I could have the user double click but would like it to behave like any other link.


EDIT: Oh, I’m sorry I did not see this were for the web.

Just start with some ideas. You can perfect it as much as you wish later.

In the listbox Open event you can:

me.AddRow “My link” // this adds your link
me.CellUnderline(0,0)=True // this underlines

In the CellTextPaint:

g.ForeColor=RGB(0,0,255) // makes it blue

In CellClick event:

if row=0 and column=0 then
MsgBox “click”
end if

In MouseEnter:


In MouseExit:


WebListBoxTD in Web Custom Controls lets you set any HTML you want in a cell including links that can open new windows/tabs.

With just the built in controls you could apply a link style to a cell. When the user clicks that cell you could use ShowURL. However, you can’t open a new window/tab this way like you could with a real link because the browser will interpret it as a popup.