Link Binary with Libraries (Static Link to Framework) Possible

I am trying to release an App on the Mac App Store which uses Apple’s MapKit. From what I understand from the review team, in XCode, I would need to do a ‘Link Binary with Libraries’ to ‘MapKit’. However, Xojo does not have that option. What are the available options to enable this ?

Declares seems to be only soft declares for the Mac but I think Apple needs me to do a static declare.

Something like that in XCode

just add a method like this to your app class:

[code]Sub ReferenceMapKit()
// just put this in window or app class

#if TargetMachO and Target64Bit then
Declare sub testing Lib “MapKit” Selector “test” (id as ptr)

End Sub
no need to call it. Just having it will cause the linking.