Lingua - Mac version cannot be run

Lingua does not run on the latest public release of Mac OS. The error message says that the application needs to be updated to do so. I have tried the latest public release of Xojo 2019r3.2.

Also, I don’t see Lingua as a separate download on the Xojo website Extras page.

How do I do edit the localization file on a Mac?

Thanks in advance.

Hm. I just opened the version that came with 2019r3.2 on 10.15.6 and it works fine. Are you saying that you’re having trouble with Big Sur?

You’re right, it does work. I just tried again by copying Lingua over from my PC to Mac (10.15.6) via Dropbox.
Not sure what happened first time I tried. I may have got the Lingua versions mixed up.
Sorry Greg for wasting your time.

No problem. Just happy it’s resolved.