Linefeed ( as &u10 ) with replaceall fails on Windows

I recently changed a property from Chr(10) to &u10. I also use the Pilcrow Sign (¶) to separate Linefeeds from Paragraph marks on Mac.
I replace every textarea with the appropriate sign via replaceAll. When a Pilcrow is replaced on Windows for Linefeed (&u10), I don’t get a Linefeed. Instead I get a character that looks something like Ascii 197 or a faint cross.
On Mac it works fine. On Windows If I change it back to Chr(10), I don’t get the problem.

&u0A, not “10”.

Oh , yeah. I’m confused. Why does something wrong work on Mac but not Windows?

My guess without seeing your code or results is that it doesn’t, you only think it does because of some difference in the way text is displayed on each platform.

Also keep in mind that LF is correct on the Mac, but Windows requires CR+LF. That may play into it too.

The text should be UTF8
I’m not sure how to find out. I looked on and get confused
If I look in the object’s text on my Mac in binary I can find the spot where the LF is, and after that the characters make no sense.
For the bad LF:
It shows the characters following what are identical show as [quote]1010 2020 312E 28ec[/quote] and so on.
On the PC it shows [quote]1031 2e20 2028 ec9c [/quote]
When I change it to the correct LF on Mac it goes [quote]100a 312e 2020[/quote]
On the PC it goes 0d31 2e20 ec9c
If you have any ideas about what is going on, I’d be happy. Otherwise I’m also happy.

Would need to see a lot more code for how you read this data in, and how you manipulate if before trying the replaces you’ve tried

Better use ReplaceLineEndings function anyway.