LineCap for non-Web graphics

seems the WebGraphics object has a LineCap property to allow Round / Square or Butt ends.

Is there a declare or something to apply that to the normal Picture/Canvas Graphics object?

(for both macOS and Windows?

Trying to draw a thick line between two rectangles looks wrong, because the default seems to be a Round linecap

And I don’t have the option of drawing the lines first and then using the Rectangle to “cut them off”

Using DrawLine ? No
And I dont believe any of the Object2D shapes support that either

barring a declare solution,
I have implemented a VLine and Hline methods that reset the PenWidth to 1 and draw the required number of lines… this does give a “butt” end… but obviously is a bit slower

If you want a VLine or HLine, can’t you use a Rectangle instead of multiple lines?

yeah actually I could… just didn’t think about that… good idea…

FYI… this forum seems to censor “B” “U” “T” “T” which is a perfectly acceptable linecap term :slight_smile: