line spacing

Hi all,
is it possible to change the default line spacing between the page fields, for the whole project?

Please re-explain what you mean by “the default line spacing between the page fields”

If you are talking about how controls are laid out in a window, then no there isn’t really.

What I do, is include a method for each window that I name “Arrange Controls” and put logic there that moves things as the screen changes size etc. I call this in the OPEN, RESIZE and RESIZING events

thank you, Dave.
I refer to the Alignment Guides in the Layout Editor.

The xyz 8 pixels ?

Already discussed here.

a. why 8 pixels ?

b. Use Arrow key to move by 1 pixel.

c. Use Shift-Arrow Key to move by 8 pixels steps and fine tune the destination with arrow key only (1 pixel).

A Preference can be a good idea (with 3 RadioButtons [values] ? 1, 10 and user defined).