Line Control doesn't work in container on a canvas

I added a feedback case for the following.

Add a window. Add a container control. Place a text field, popup menu, text area, vertical scrollbar controls on the container. Make the text area twice the height of the text field. Place a line below of the text area control almost the width of the container. Run the program: the line is now in the middle of the text area control. Scroll the canvas up and down the line disappears. Click on the text field, the line reappears in the wrong place. A small part of the line is visible on the left side of the canvas.

Just discovered a similar issue. Lines on my Container Control just don’t show at all. Ovals, Rects, Separators show.
Any suggestions?

Rects with one really short side?

What is it you want to use a line for ? As a visual separator between area or groups of controls ?
Maybe use a separator instead ?

I came across this one mid last year (link text) and a feedback report (#27420) was filed. Right now, that feedback report shows as “Verified” and 1130th on the list.

I ended up doing as Markus suggested … when I need a line, I use a rectangle with a width of “1” (or “2” if you want a bit more bold of a line). Works quite well, actually. Seeing that the request is 1130th on the list, I think you might want to do likewise :slight_smile: