Line Continuation?

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A really basic nuts and bolts question which I cannot find anywhere in the documentation:

What is the syntax for line continuation in the IDE code editor?

Jim Wagner
Oregon Research Electronics

Underscore _

[ Edit ] Found it in the docs:

Line Continuation

Not sure how to organically come across it in the docs, but Joseph is right it’s underscore.

dim s as String = "yada yada " + _ "yada"


Not sure if there is a difference but this is for a list that populates a numeric array.


Nope, shouldn’t matter, was just offering an example. Applies to all lines.

Where in the docs is that? I followed the link that Joseph provided and it does not show me WHICH doc it is that contains the reference. THAT can be a real challenge when you can’t easily search across the whole set of docs.


I went here and typed “line continuation” in the search box.

Xojo Docs

Not sure if that is the latest docs, old docs or what. Seems to change a lot, maybe Paul can chime in…

The opening page on my LR looks quite different. Seems to be different depending on whether you access via the “?” icon in the iDE or from the menu. When I tried via the “?”, I got nothing.

End of puzzle.

Many thanks

On MacOS, press: alt-return (Option-Return)

It was that in HyperCard (I think so).

Docs: so I am not the only one to have hard times to reach what I search in the docs…