Limits of the exercise (no AI involved ?)

Using LiveText / Ventura 13.3.1

Imagine a document (scanned from a magazine)with a list of the 56 previous issues and the cover title placed in two columns (column 1: from issues 1 to 28; column 2 from issues 29 to 56).
I LiveText’d the two columns, pasted them in a TextEdit default (rtf) document and get two ordered list, one after the other (1 to 27 and 1 to 29)…

Of course, I was lost during some seconds asking myself what wrong I may have done.

i closed that window, Opened another one, set it to RAW .txt, paste what still was in the Clipboard and get my list of issues from 1 to 56 (in one column too).

LiveText was not Intelligent enough to read the values of the second column of my original document.

A picture here showing Livetext detection and the result of what you pasted would help to understand. But yes, it probably will mess things pasting lots of fragments in some “finding order” instead of any organized layout you have in mind.

You asked for a large image, I hope this software will accept it:

Not the text as it is pasted here as RAW (correct), but a screen shot from TextEdit in rtf mode:

Better than I expected.

Very good source. But sometimes, with colored background, etc. it is faster to type the text (if it is short).
I do not checked if removing the background color (when one exists, red, usually) enhance the result.

Also, progress is done on the OCR front at each new macOS version.

My guess is that, because there are 2 columns, if you paste as RTF the second column gets some formatting to start the numbering again. The same happens in Word, if you paste RTF or Unformatted.