Limitations of quantity of controls

Is there any limit on how many controls it’s possible to have per Window ?

Not specifically, but too many controls on a Window can become difficult to manage from a development perspective. Consider using ContainerControls to better manage having lots of controls on a Window.

Hi Horacio,

I think the only limit is the imposed by host’s memory. Depending of the control number you’re considering (big figures here), maybe you’ll want to consider the impact in your app performance.

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I was trying to add more controls to my project, reaching more than 100 (aprox 130 controls) and things started to get messy and buggy.
For example not all of them would become visible and I also get the weirdest errors. So I thought that I might have reached the maximum amount of controls…

I’ve added 140 jus for fun… I can’t think about a user interface that could require such amount of controls! :slight_smile: All of them visible and the IDE stay responsive and without errors.

Computer memory issue?

Javier Rodríguez
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No not all visibile at the same time, they’re divided in sets of controls but still…

I have one window in a test project that has about 1500 controls on it

To make your life easier, I’d recommend grouping your controls into Container Controls. That way it should be easier to deal with all the code for all those controls.

I’ve had 161 on a window with a game project, seemed to work fine without issues. I was just glad to see the old VB6 64KB per module limit lifted. That alone made my life easier. :slight_smile: