Limit of embedded media

Hi, guys,

I am building an application that will contain a lot of small mp3 files. Each file is about 90 KB.

How many of these files could be embedded and called from within the application.

If possible, I would like to avoid the FolderItem method. I would like the app to be self-contained.

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How many files will you have? Which OS? What is the “folderitem method”? You can only access files with folderitem. But a couple of hundred MBs inside the app shouldn’t be a problem. Have you done any testing?

Put files by Build Step in and call them with “folderitem(”“).child…”

He’s right with trying to avoid this.

Scratching head… why is folderitem.child bad? Embedding the files and accessing them with folderitem.child is quite simple.

To be fair, if you drag them into the navigator and build, I would expect them to end up in the Resources directory anyway.

if files are that small, you could create a sqlite database where you store the files as BLOB objects. that way, you can store and reference the files as needed through a select statement.

But you’ll still need to write them to disk to play them.

HI, guys,

Thank you for all your replies. Back in 2010, when I made an app with a lot of relatively large media files that needed to be played via the FolderItem referencing method, I created a virtual disc image for Mac (DMG) and placed the app itself and all folders into that disc image.

When the DMG file was opened and virtual disc created, the Mac treated it as a USB jump drive and it always knew each files location.

I can do the same with my current application but I have not find a way to create virtual drives for Windows. There are ways to do it but it would require a user to be super tech savvy. I need a virtual drive that opens with one click.

Thank you for all your thoughts and advices.


Let copy the stuff to your application’s Specialfolder.ApplicationData folder, and call them from there.