Hey folks,

Can anyone speak to the effort retried to implement LimeLM in a Xojo project.
From what I know my customer has already set it up for another of their projects, so I don’t have to do anything other than add it into my current project.
Not doing any of the demo license stuff.

What should I anticipate as ballpark total effort?

Thanks in advance.

From what I recall, the official library has inconsistent error handling. Some things raise exceptions, some things are error codes. I spent some time to really improve usability with the library, but don’t have rights to that work.

If you’re only doing activation it should be simple. As I recall, you can ask the module for activation status and that should be enough for basic usage. Timed trials work, but not verified timed trials - I was told the Xojo library does not support them by the author.

If you don’t have an immediate need, I’ve been working on an end to end Xojo replacement for LimeLM (the server is Xojo Web). It’s not complete quite yet, but many of the features are there. I plan to be swapping out my DRM once it is done :slight_smile:

Thanks Tim,
For this customer I need to implement tout-de-suite, so I just jumped into Lime.
When your options is ready please ping me.

If it’s just license activation it’s not too hard (other than what Tim said). But if they have odd requirements like offline activation, special fields from the licensing server those can really soak up testing time. Because LimeLM is a ‘phone home’ system if they have a lot of customers that aren’t connected to the internet then you’ll constantly be fighting the security of your app vs pain point for the customers because what’s good for one is not good for the other.