Liking the new Issues tracker

…So far… :slight_smile:

I’ve already created a bookmark in Safari, so I can just Command-1 and start typing, which is about 99% less effort than creating an issue in the old


  • how is “Popularity” calculated? We used to be able to assign points. Is it all just Thumbs Up/Down now?
  • I think I need to adjust my email settings, as I’m getting far too many (for example, I don’t think I really care about followups on the 3 or 4 steps that happen in a Documentation fix) but this also is better than where I typically got zero emails, even for important things. Any suggestions?
  • I think I’d rather see the default view sorted by most recent “Updated Date” rather than “Created Date” - is there a setting for that?

Yes, there’s a menu at the top-right corner of the page (just at the right of the search field) where you can choose the sort criterion. I too wanted it sorted by “updated date” :wink:

I think it just sorts using the sort from your last search. But if not, you can bookmark a search page with the sort criteria specified.

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