Light Blue / Online contract signing

Hello there,

Tom and Hamish here, from Light Blue Software, based in Cambridge, UK. We just wanted to let you know that we’ve today announced the upcoming release of our new online contract signing service, tying in to our business software designed for photographers. You can read more about it at .

Our software’s built in RealStudio; we’ll be moving over to Xojo for the release which includes the online contract signing features, though. The contract signing portal’s running on AWS webservers; communication between the two is done via CURL.

We’ll send over some more screenshots and info to Dana when it’s actually released, hopefully to go up in the forum…

Best wishes,

Tom and Hamish

Break a leg, guys. Looks like a great business model.

Sounds like a very nice upgrade for your users, good luck Hamish.

Wow very nice!

Thanks, all. It’s gone down very well with our customers so far; our subscription starts at £7.50 + VAT per month, which includes syncing info between two computers, hooking up web forms to our API, all the updates that we release in future for free, and now the contract signing, too. We’ve deliberately gone for a low subscription price so that more people sign up to it, recurring revenue being a wondrous thing. As I say, I’ll post more info when it’s released.

…just a follow up to this: we were runner up in the ‘Best Software’ category at one of the major UK photographic trade shows on Saturday (coming second to Adobe, which I think is entirely understandable!) and also runner up for ‘Best customer service’. Proof that little indie companies can make it good! :slight_smile: