Lifespan of SpecialFolder.Temporary Files

If I create temp files in this directory, for what period am I guaranteed that they will be there?

  • Until I remove them manually?
  • Until the application that created them terminates
  • Until the next reboot/shutdown of the computer?
  • For “X” minutes/hours/days?

I am hoping it is #2 (until app terminates)

Can someone confirm? The LR doesn’t seem to be explict here.

until you delete them or user uses cleanup tool.
Or on Mac boot with shift key.

For me (on OS X), files created with GetTemporaryFolderItem are stored in /private/var/folders/m6/rjr248ts4l7929w7jcpgvb2m0000gn/T/TemporaryItems

The directory is emptied after every reboot.