Lifeboat update fails

Hi @Tim_Parnell: Hope it’s ok to send you a feedback here.
I have one server running Lifeboat, which a few versions ago stopped in updating the server. It detected several components, but the progress bar always increased within a second or so without any error showing up.
I updated to the current version and now it even fails on updating lifeboat itself. The server is 3rd party hosted and it will probably take some time to ask for details. Anyway, could you tell me what a log like

    "LifeboatVersion": 0.71999999999999997335,
    "ServerGUID": "B4xxx…",
    "apache": false,
    "certbot": true,
    "croncleanup": true,
    "cronjob": true,
    "fail2ban": true,
    "firewall": true,
    "jail": true,
    "libpango": false,
    "libsoup": true,
    "libunwind": true,
    "lsof": true,
    "mariadb": true,
    "nginx": true,
    "postgres": false,
    "tree": true

means? Thanks a lot!

According to this report, libpango isn’t getting installed. Since I’ve marked it as a critical library, Lifeboat is refusing to operate for this server. This behavior is a safety net to keep things from going from bad to worse.

Considering you noticed software updates stopped working, I might guess something is clogging up apt preventing it from behaving as Lifeboat can handle it.

If you’d like to reach out to me privately, I’d be happy to connect and see if I can resolve this for you. My direct email address is Otherwise, if you’d like to try yourself, you’ll need to ssh into the server and try running apt update. If it’s “clogged” you’ll find out why from that.

Sorry I can’t be of more help in the public forum, this one’s going to need some one on one care because it’s specific to your server.