license question

Hi All.

I’m ready to buy my Xojo License (the $299 Desktop One), but just wanted to confirm something.

I use xojo at work on a windows Machine, and at home a Mac.

How many computers can I put my license on? One? I’ve seen somewhere up to 3??


Hi Michael,

Xojo Desktop licenses can be installed on up to two machines.

Xojo Pro licenses may be installed on up to 3.

Fussy, I know, but you can install, run, edit, and debug/test on as many systems as you like. However, building with the Desktop Edition is limited to two registered and activated systems at a time.

Hi Dana.

So Mac or PC it wouldn’t matter? I buy my desktop license and am good to go on both?
I REALLY want to get licensed! (grin)


You are correct- good to go on two machines but the platform doesn’t matter! :slight_smile:

And for future reference, if you ever change machines you can manage your activations in your account.

What about the lite version? I have a Linux machine at work and one at home.

Xojo Lite can only be installed on one machine.

Keep in mind that with the desktop license, you can also use the Remote Debugger to run & test on a platform that you don’t have a build license for.

You need a Mac for codesigning and notarising if you want to distribute anything for the Mac.

Got my Desktop license yesterday. Yay!

I bought two Xojo lite licenses, macOS lite and Windos lite, last day. Can I use justl two machines with those?

Xojo Lite licenses can be installed on 1 machine each.

Thank you Dana. My works are creating the app for macOS and windows on one Both licenses to use at the same time is using in only one machine, is’nt it? Right?

You can develop on Mac or Windows but a Lite license allows you to compile for only one platform. for example, Xojo Lite Mac allows you to work on a Ma or a PC but you can only build Mac apps.

If you want to build for Mac and Windows, you can get a Xojo Desktop license or Xojo Lite Mac + Xojo Lite Windows. Let me know if you have questions anytime at too :slight_smile:

Thank you Alyssa. I realized that point sufficiently. Now, I have no need using two machines in my works, only I had little motive to know that. I will enjoy Xojo programming ( ^_ ^ )

This is an important bit of info. Xojo Inc. would do well to put it on the product page and (especially) include it in the product comparison chart.

+1 for this
I was about to suggest this very thing, until I read this comment

Hello Dana,

Can you please clarify the Machine part ? I remember I had this issue a while ago I had 2 accounts in my Mac and apparently for each account you register your license is getting into account even on the same machine.

I’ll have to test again and confirm . and it’s for the pro part not lite.

Thanks .

@Aurelian Negrea Xojo defines “machine” as “installation”. If you have 2 users on the same machine and you want to compile on both, then you need 2 lite license, use Desktop license (with 2 activations) or use 2 of the 3 PRO activations.

If you go to the Xojo Store page and you hover over Pro Plus 2x Activations it says “Install your license on up to 6 devices”. Again not perfectly clear.

For me, where English is not my first language, it makes sense to think as “I can install 1 license per Xojo installation”. If I only have a Mac with VM for Windows and Linux and I want to work and build on each one, I will need 3 licenses (or activations). Either 3 lite licenses or 1 Pro license that allows 3 activations. I think of this as 1 device but 3 Xojo installations (on Mac, Windows VM and Linux VM).

You only need a license if you need to build from the Xojo installation that you are working on. I have several computers and VM, in most, I only use the remote debugger. I have 2 users on my main Mac both with 1 activation and a Windows laptop with the 3rd activation. If for some reason I need to build on another computer, I need to go to my Xojo online account, remove one of the activations and assign it to the other computer.