License Question

Hey guys,

Quick question: Does the $99/yr (LITE:single platform) license allow me to use SQLite?

Thanks in Advance. :wink:

Have you read this page ?

Yes I have and that’s why I’m asking … the page talks about the ‘Desktop’ option ($299/yr) and lists ‘Database Access’ as a feature of that package. The ‘Lite’ version ($99/yr) says ‘no added features’ so I’m wondering if the Lite package has access to any sort of database connectivity?

Xojo may need to clarify that, but in the past Database access has usually meant external databases such as MySQL etc. Local Sqlite was usually OK. I believe that still applies but that page is ambiguous at the minimum. That should be clearer!

Many thanks guys … I’ll chase it up with Xojo. :wink:

Definitely no problem. You can use a embedded Database such as SQLite, the only thing is the “Lite” version lacks the database connectors for external database such as MSSQL or MySQL.

Yes, Xojo Lite licenses include SQLite.