License platform transfer for REAL Studio

Hi all,

I have a REAL Studio license for Mac…

I’ve been having a great deal of issues with OSX and certain things I need for classes, along with having issues surrounding the battery on my MacBook after an accidental incident.

As much as I do love the elegant design of both the Mac’s and OS X, it’s become necessary for me to return to Windows for many purposes, including school - I was running a great deal of applications in either a VM, or doing a dual boot setup…

It had become necessary to purchase a new computer, and I have purchased a machine that I keep in my home at my desk, and a laptop, of which should work very well for me when I return to class in the Fall… both PC’s with Windows, and with increasing issues with the Mac it has since been discarded.

Hobbyist projects in REAL Basic have been personally fulfilling as well as letting me learn a lot about computer science and how software programs work.

I’ve been able to download REAL Studio from the legacy download portion of the website, however when logging into my account I’ve realized that my license is specific to Mac.

Are license platform chances still being given for REAL Studio, being that it is now a legacy product? I’m very much so hoping that my license for the Mac can be deactivated and having a new one issued for Windows.

I greatly appreciate all feedback.

If you don’t need to build a standalone executable, Xojo is free to use on any machine. You can run from the IDE as much as you want. You just can’t build a separate executable.

And contact customer service directly. I’m sure they can work with you to resolve your issue.

Yes, thanks. I have emailed customer service and I’m really hoping I can get a license transfer.

Being that it is Saturday, I’m hoping I’ll get a response sometime next week.