License Key not found for 2017r2

I’ve just installed 2017r2. Somehow it cant seem to find my license keys. The buld button is disabled. I have logged out and logged in again but it is still disabled. what should i do?

Go to your account @ xojo web site:
click in account…

if your license covers 2017r2…

I have a license that covers web and database servers that is valid until 11th January 2018. I have done upgrades before. They were all done on this same computer. This is the first time I’m facing an issue like this.

OK. I have found the reason. There was no OS selected/checked-on in my “Build settings”


Not even “This Computer” ?

Not a Bip ? (for once that I have sound ON !!!)

[quote=346742:@Emile Schwarz]!

Not even “This Computer” ?

Not a Bip ? (for once that I have sound ON !!!)[/quote]

I don’t quite get this

In the Navigation pane, where you set the Compile to (Linux, macOS, Windws) there is a fourth entry called “This Computer”.

Also, when all of these 4 CheckBoxes are not… checked, a Build attempt results in a Beep. *

  • Usually, I have the sounds OFF in my computer. But then, I had teh sound ON ('cause I heard some music and forgot to set it to OFF).