License Expire Email?

I just received an email from Dana Brown saying to renew my license because it expires today? I renewed my license in November and it’s suppose to be good til 11/2013 is this an error email?

Perhaps you’re working on the RS website? Tried logging in twice and get “invalid” username and password but it shows my gravitar and account info and was able to click my keys to see that indeed my license is still valid…

I got this mail too.
I have 2 valid licenses, one expiring 03/12/2013 and the other one on 06/21/2013.
I just logged into the site.

Ooops, so I guess this one is expired… As a French reader, I thought it was December, 3rd…[quote=6036:@Eric de La Rochette]and the other one on 06/21/2013.[/quote]That one triggered my curiosity !

Same here. Got a mail my expires very soon but my license expires only within 158 days. :slight_smile:
Dana already replied saying it was another serial that expires soon.

I got a message from Kathryn brown saying it was an errored email…although the response was addressed to a Brandon…and I’m Matthew :-p

The key for which the email was referring to is included in the email. It is possible you have other active keys, but the email was sent regarding the expired key.

I only have one key :frowning: