License broken when installing multiple IDE version

How can we use multiple IDE version in the same computer and same OS without produce “License Keys (Damaged)” file? I want to use Xojo 2016r4.1 and Xojo 2015r4 at the same time.

There should be no trouble doing that. What OS are you using?

Linux OS. I’ve registered 2016R4.1 and then when open 2015R4, it become unregistered. Checking .Xojo folder, there is “License Keys (Damaged)” file alongside “License Keys”. Same behaviour happen when registering 2015R4 and try to open 2016R4.1.

You cant
There were some licensing changes a while back that only affected Linux
It meant that versions prior to … about 2015r4 may lose their license every time you ran the ide or logged out & back in
The changes made this NOT occur any longer

That means you cannot run 2015r4 and 2016r4.1 at the same time

Thank you norman for give me a clue. Now, I can run both IDE version without any problem. I think I can install another old IDE version.

yes you should be able to install several
I have 6 or 7 on each of my VM’s
The only downside is not being able to run several at the same time because of the change should you ever really desperately need to

It’s space consuming to install new distro in order to run old Xojo IDE. Actually, you can set different home directory to each old IDE. So, you can run all the IDE at the same time.

As long as you’re aware that certain things in the IDE may look specifically for the logged in users home directory

It’s not the same as setting user home dir when create a linux user. It’s only an arbitrary directory inside current user home dir. We only need to change env variable for current bash/shell session. It will not affect to another process or instance of IDE or another app/service.

This method also used by me to provide different GTK theme for Xojo. Because Xojo doesn’t work well with dark theme. I set Arc-Dark theme for all apps and BlueBird theme for Xojo.

You’ve missed my point but its too late here to debate this any more

Good luck

Sorry norman if you think that I’ve debated with you. English is not my native language, so it’s not easy to write what I will say. But, never mind, thank you for your help norman.

what I’m trying to say is that the IDE may in fact look for /home/ and completely disregard whatever you have set for the HOME env var IF that is what you’re relying on

Code inside PushButton1.Action

MsgBox "SpecialFolder.UserHome.NativePath = " + SpecialFolder.UserHome.NativePath

Xojo 2015R4

SpecialFolder.UserHome.NativePath = /home/asis/xojo.home/

Xojo 2016R4.1

SpecialFolder.UserHome.NativePath = /home/asis/

What I’m telling you is that the IDE may use HOME not UserHome
And they are VERY different