Licence keeps being forgotten

My desktop licence ‘vanished’ again today.
I download it, install it, and I’m told that the number of machines has gone up, and asked if I want to transfer.

I only own one Mac, but I choose Transfer anyway.
It says I have 1 activation remaining.
When this happens again (as it seems to keep happening), will I eventually find that I can no longer use my licence on this machine?

Any idea why it forgets me anyway? Is this Catalina being a nuisance again?

Did you log into your account on Xojo and went to the manage licenses page ? Maybe you will get a hint about what’s is going out.

Another thing you may try is search on your computer for license files. I wonder if there could be more than one and that it would fool Xojo.

Happens on Crapolina and BS. See feedback://showreport?report_id=60743 . It’s just in your mind.

That report doesn’t show up in any search when I use feedback.
(Feedback doesnt even tell you the case numbers of the cases it DOES turn up, unless you open them!)

Not really surprised.

Pleased in a way to hear ‘its not just me’

Here is the description of the case:

Steps: Installed Big Sur on my MacBook Air today. Xojo lost the license and I only get an error message “you need a license …” (screenshot xojo). The screenshot from the license system shows that the license was assigned to the MacBook Air.

This happened the last time for Catalina betas. Unfortunately, for macOS betas I need to build occasionally. A year ago I had to reassign the licenses every time whenever I had to build on another computer.

Expected Result:
License working on 2 computers

Actual Result:
License lost on one computer

Reassign license whenever build computer is changed.

And what is so super annoying:

Beatrix Willius has requested that case Case 60743 be reopened. Reason: New macOS beta and license is lost again with 2019r3.2.

You can guess that the Feedback still is closed.

Xojo wont see this as ‘their’ bug because the OS has moved or deleted whatever magic thing Xojo use to store the licence on your machine.
(It’s not the licence that we download)

For commercial reasons, they won’t be sharing how they store that key securely.
And Im OK-ish with re-installing it after an OS upgrade.

But when it is lost after using Catalina for 2 months, there is an issue.
And being told I only have 1 go left, when its the same machine, is pretty concerning.

HI Jeff, What release of Xojo are you using? We are aware of an issue when Catalina first was released from what I understood, a Catalina upgrade can change existing drive configurations and make the machine appear different enough to Xojo that it uses a different activation. This can be fixed by deactivating the second activation from your license key page. Beatrix has mentioned this happens to her more than once but we can’t repeat it with 2020r1. But if it’s an ongoing problem, I’d like to help nail it down and stop it from happening.

It doesn’t really matter that Xojo lost the secret sauce once. But the issue occurred like half a dozen times for me. Each time.

2018 R3

I do have a 2019 version installed, but I don’t use it.
Mentioned in case an occasional opening 2019 by accident, affects matters.

HI Beatrix, From case 60743, Stephane’s final comments show it was not reproducible. Like I mentioned when we emailed about this earlier, I have been keeping a file on anyone who has had this issue. And though I helped about some people after they initially upgraded to Catalina, but no one else has reached out having the same issue you are. There are less people who switch between releases like you do, but if we could get details from others that would be really helpful in tracking this down.

All this said, any issue with activation and licenses is something I take seriously and want to fix. My understanding is that an older release may be using a different identifier, which can cause issues with switching between 2020r1 and 2019r3, on say Big Sur which wasn’t around when 2019 was released. (I say this with big “I am not an engineer” caveats). @Jeff_Tullin, please let me know if this happens to you again now that you have activated on Catalina. And @Beatrix_Willius, If you continue to encounter this, please contact me at the more info I have the better. I am actively tracking this and have talked with engineers about it.


Hi eeryone,
I am using Xojo 2020 R1.2 and have two Macs ( both properly licensed with Xojo keys). On one Mac, I am running macOS 10.15.7 (Catalina) and on the other I am using the latest Big Sur public beta. No matter what I do on Big Sur, the license is accepted but the IDE won’t let me build! See attached screen capture. I’m assuming that this is an interim issue until Xojo IDE gets updated to officially support Big Sur.I removed the key, renamed the key, reloaded the key, and restarted Xojo IDE. (The compiled app built on Catalina runs on Big Sur just fine.) Anyone else seeing this?

HI Ken,

Your Lite license can only be activated on 1 machine at a time. So you will need to deactivate it from one Mac to activate it for building on the other and vice versa. If you get that build error that says you need a Desktop license when you only have a Lite license, make sure your Build Settings aren’t set to build for a platform your license doesn’t support (like trying to build for Windows with a Lite Mac license). As you have a Xojo Lite license, remember you are limited to SQLite.

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THANK YOU, ALYSSA. I had mistakenly left two platforms checked on my project instead of the single macOS “lite” setting. It works on Big Sur. Perfect. Sorry that I didn’t consider that. Ken