"Libs" folder does not work on Linux when libSQLiteDatabase.so is required

Hello All!

here’s a bug; the trick to put all necessary libs into the Libs folder works for Windows but does not work for Linux when the app uses SQLite, thus requiring libSQLiteDatabase.so. Apps that do not use SQLite work fine; this also works properly on the Windows platform.

In earlier releases up to 2014r2 this used to work, so it must have been broken afterwards.

I have a dozen of Linux console executables and it is quite annoying to have to copy the same libs all over again when they can just all go into one folder. Anyone have an idea if this is on the fix list? I could not find this as such on Feedback.

root@vmed:/UN/bin# ./testapp.bin
Runtime Error
Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
Common/plugin.cpp: 5455
Failure Condition: 0
The application cannot continue because a needed file cannot be installed. Unable to locate testapp.bin Libs/libSQLiteDatabase.so


please report with feedback. Maybe it’s just an oversight.

for the time being, you can use symbolic links for the folders, i think.