LibreOffice Date Bug

I wanted to use LibreOffice for some document transformation (mostly change the used date to SQLite date format).

I copy / paste data from the original document and change the date format (on two columns): strange results at first.

After some minutes, and some try… it appears that my dates before 30 (so 28 and 29) appeas as 2028 and 2029 instead of 1928, 1929.

Nota: the original document had dates where the years are on 2 digits.

I checked LibreOffice web site to report, but I have to register… is there someone here already registered that can report this strange thing ?
Nota: 1928 to 2015 = < 100 years old if you have birth dates… not a simple bug.

Not a bug. The software needs to set which way it needs to go to translate a year without the century to one with one.

Go to Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> General -> Year (Two Digits) and customize where you need your epoch.

Hi Bob,

thank you for your answer. Yes, it is difficult to know what the user want to do with these 2 digits years.

I only had a bunch of lines (say less than 10) with two dates entries and some errors (two or three) in the next group of entries entries (in the early 30s) to correct and I do not expect to had more.

Also, I am not really fluent in Offices software (Open, Libre, etc. even MS Office). In my nearly 40 years of computer use, I never went far using Spreadsheets (even with the originail 8 bits Apple II AppleWorks !). I probably know a bit more than Joe Newbie, but not far away !

And in a ProBono software I’ve created (about registerring people), I only took the past 60 / 70 years at import the original file (from… MS Excell) to convert them in Xojo Dates. This is a special case since the concerned people most certainly cannot be that old. Older than 65-70 is probably an error in that context.

At last, I checked the Preferences pane and you are correct, this can be set. A better solution have to be implemented because breaking the last 100 years in two parts (19xx to 1999, 2000 to 201x…) is less than optimum.

Then, some days later, I wanted to make the same operation and failed miserably: my dates were not changed from US date defaults to ISO 8601 (SQLdate)…

At last, earlier today, I had enough and wrote my own little conversion method and this took less time to me than the ime it tooks me to be angry enough (for not reaching a solution with LibreOffice / Numbers)…

Of course, I used… LibreOffice solution: every date on or below 25 are 2000-2025, other dates are 19 prefixed. Works fine in my ListBox !

Eureka !