Library and Inspector Simultaneously?

I am running at 4K resolution, so I have screen real-estate to burn. Is there any way to display both the Library and the Inspector at the same time? I dug through the options and can’t find much.

Show Library and Inspector as Floating Paletes.

yes - you can go into the preferences and choose to display them both as floating palettes.

Hope that helps.

Thanks guys!

2 answers in just over 1 minute - how’s that for a community :slight_smile:

Ah, problem is, the floating palettes fall behind the maximized Xojo window when they don’t have focus, and I have to Alt-Tab back to them (they also add two extra Alt-Tab items to the system, which is a little annoying). There’s no way to have them both shown and docked within the main Xojo window?

Unfortunately, no.

Ah well, maybe in a future version. Thanks again for the replies.

Only 1 x 4K monitor ?
Man that’d be cramped :stuck_out_tongue:
Minimum 3