Libraries for multiple applications

Every application when it is compiled generates a Libs Folder with the particular name of the application (MyApplication Libs).
Libs folders includes mostly the same dlls for each application compiled.
If the applications are developed by the same Xojo version, and all the exe files of several applications are placed in the same folder, is it possible for distribution purposes to have only one Libs folder ? In such case, which would be the name of this unique Lib folder ?

You can make one folder Libs and move all libraries together into this one folder.
And have multiple exe files in that folder.

@Christian_Schmitz, Thanks for you advice… One question, so the name of the folder is just “Libs” and works fine for all the EXEs, and I delete all the “ApplicationName Libs” folders ??

Have a look at The Libs Folder – Xojo Blog

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One common folder named “Libs” to replace all the application libs folders.

i can confirm it work on my windows application with all the different exe can run with the one Libs. just try combining into one Resources folder too… and it does work

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@Christian_Schmitz, @Wayne_Golding & @Richard_Duke thanks to all of you. Great solution to avoid files duplication.