libcurl windows

i use libcurl for macOS to read and save files to ftp. Now i wanted to use my app on windows, the documentation of libcurl says:

Windows does not have it installed by default, you will need to ship all the necessary DLLs with your application. You can use pre-built DLLs available here (Win32x86+OpenSSL+ZLib), or you can build them yourself from source.

So now i have the libcurl.dll and now? Where do i have to put this file to get libcurl running in my app on windows?


You may be able to just put in the DLLs in the app folder.

But why not simply going with CURLSMBS class in MBS Xojo CURL Plugin and enjoy the libraries built into the plugin?

just putting in the app folder does not work, neither in libs folder

Thanks, Christian but i don’t have your plugin…

any suggestions?

You could request a trial license here or purchase a license here.

lol, i ment suggestions “without” you plugin :wink:

Check the forum for posts on loading custom dlls.

i really cannot find any usable forum post for loading a dll…

But thank you anyway

I use libcUrl and it works, see “” for dlls.

it works now, thanks . the problem was, i added ONLY the libcurl.dll, not the other ones…