LexingControl 3.5.6

LexingControl has been updated to version 3.5.6. It is a code editor for the Mac and Windows platforms. Its main feature is to colorize text according to the rules of programming syntax, such as C/C++, XojoScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, and so on.

The look and feel of the Editor is finally correctly appreciated by setting your project to be Hi-DPI aware. Fonts on Mac OS-X are crisp, not blurred, a feature that was already present 2 years ago in Scintilla, but never showed in applications build with Xojo versions before 2016r4. On windows it showed the font quality already, yet scaling on windows could not be accomplished until Xojo 2016r4.

Current users of the plugin can upgrade to this plugin with a minimum fee as indicated on the website http://vanhoekplugins.com. Our policy is that once you obtained a license key, upgrades will be a fraction of the initial purchase. New users can appreciate this plugin too by downloading the full-fledged demo plugin and decide later.

For help and documentation, install the plugin in the plugins folder, launch Xojo, open or create a project. Navigate to Help->Plugin References and you’ll find LexingControl. Because this plugin uses Scintilla, additional info can be obtained at scintilla.org.