Leads with xojo pro?

Does anyone use the leads with xojo pro and how good are they?

What is that ?

Thank you.

Since 2020, I do not put my eggs in the Xojo nest any longer. Not reliable, buggy and sluggish.

Hopefully, the lead you want to follow does not take you into oblivion.

When I read Lead, I was thinking about the metal which is very bad (batteries / in blood ill / etc.)

You now know why I asked…

I can’t speak for others who may follow up on the Xojo Leads, given that I’ve been employed full-time for a number of years now. But way back when I was an independent software contractor, sometimes random people or companies would contact me for a gig after finding my website. In my experience, those kinds of opportunities were usually a 50/50 chance of being worthwhile. I’m sure the leads that pass through Xojo are probably no different.

I only say that (and please correct me if I’m wrong @Dana Brown or @Alyssa Foley), because as far as I know, the leads that Xojo will pass on are not necessarily vetted.

What is good to know though, is the following:

  • For those with a “Pro” license, you get access to a private Forum group called “Consulting Requests”.
  • The request posting contains the unedited request text from the person or company asking.
  • These posts also contain direct contact information, so you don’t have to go through Xojo.
  • You negotiate your own terms.
  • There is typically a request about once every week or two, or three (it’s unpredictable).

I don’t act on any of these requests myself (although some do sound interesting on occasion). But if I was still a contractor, I would probably be prepared with one or more of the following, for when a lead is posted:

  • Have a prepared sales “pitch” for yourself, your skills and your services ready to send.
  • Have an informative website about yourself and your specialties.
  • Have some example apps or projects that can be downloaded, to demonstrate your craftsmanship.
  • Offer an hourly rate, or potentially be open to a fixed price upon receipt of coherent specifications and/or requirements (your call).
  • Have some sort of written agreement/contract ready for both parties to sign/acknowledge.
  • Have a method of receiving payment.

My apologies if I made too many assumptions on any prior experience you may have as a contractor for hire.

I hope that helps. Good luck!

Scott: I think the question is the reverse one: is Xojo Lead good / worth ?

Like any lead they are all over
Some are good ; some just tire kicking
Some you will get immediate responses ; some you’ll never hear from again

It seems to me from the original post that the unasked question is “Is it worth updating to Pro for the leads ?”
Personally I can’t speak to that as the things I’m doing now have come through word of mouth so I haven’t replied to a lot of the leads that have come through.

When I was a contractor, the bulk of all my steady gigs were repeats or referrals from past clients to someone they knew as well.

But, we all have to start somewhere, eh.

But the OP used the plural. Lead (the metal) is never described in that way.

The number of leads ( = job offers) is several dozens per year and if a handful get you work, it’s well worth the money spend.