LayoutConstraint Question

Hey all,

I’m wanting to implement some pinch and zoom behavior in one of my views. Thanks to @Jason_King and his SwipeView from iOSKit, I’ve been able to implement pinch and zoom and very easily adjust the size of a background image. But…I need to do much more than just zoom an image…

I have several individual container controls in various positions in the view. All of this is inside a container control that is the content of a scrollable area.

I want to adjust/zoom the sizes of my controls as well. Jason’s control gives me a scale value when I pinch and zoom. I am storing this scale value into a property of the main container called TheScale. I’ve also used this “TheScale” property in the layout constraint settings. However simply changing the value of TheScale after the layout constraints are already set does nothing even when removing the constraints and re-applying them. So maybe it doesn’t do what I think?

What’s the best way to scale controls? Is there an “easy” way that lets auto-layout do everything or do I need to calculate all the new positions, remove the existing constraints and then apply the new constraints based on all the new values? I’m willing to do all that work - not a problem. But it seems like it defeats the purpose of “auto” layout. Maybe it’s not as auto as I think?

Thanks for any advice…