Layered MobileScrollableAreas instead of PagePanel?

I am creating an iOS app that works like my Desktop and Web versions, but PagePanels are missing in iOS. Could I layer multiple MobileScrollableAreas on the one Screen and make them visible/invisible as needed?

I have many other screens for other purposes, so I am not talking about a one-screen monster!

Is there a problem with this approach?

This is what the TabBar is for. UserGuide:iOS TabBars - Xojo Documentation

Since TabBars use multiple Screens, I could just PushTo(…) view the other Screens. When I edit a table of data I usually have three PagePanels (ie List of items, Editing one item and Help for editing).

I could have three Screens per table to edit, but having one Screen and three MobileScrollableAreas seems easier.

I’ll look more into TabBars before I jump too far. Thank you.

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