Launching after deployment

Good morning.

I’m sure this has been addressed somewhere, but I don’t seem to be able to find it.

While testing I deploy a new version to the server. Then, I try to run it, but it hangs at Launching…" If I wait awhile, it then works. I’m sure it’s because the app is still running. So, is there a way I can kill it so I don’t have to wait?

Related: I have a few complex queries in text files, which end up in the Resources folder. When I modify one and move it to the server, the program still uses the old one for a while. I’m sure it’s cached some where. Is there a way to clear the cache, or if I force the program to restart will that solve it?

Much thanks.


When you deploy, the previous version is automatically killed for you. If you need to kill the app again, you can do it from the control panel.