Launch utility app when Xojo launches

I made a small utility app to be run alongside Xojo. All it does is register a global hotkey and send Xojo an IDE Script when triggered. This allows me to run my code expander script easily but I have to remember to run this utility whenever Xojo launches.

Is there some magic that will cause my utility to launch whenever Xojo does? (on mavericks)

Failing that I could make the utility a login/startup item and have it always running. In general I like to close unused apps and Realbasic apps used to idle at 0.5-1%, but now Xojo apps look to idle at 0.0%. Still, I’d prefer to only have it launch when Xojo does or is startup item the only way?

Also, this feature request for IDE Script hotkeys is the ideal solution <> add your votes :slight_smile: And fyi I got the global hotkeys from Thomas Tempelmanns code here and sending IDE Scripts to Xojo from Joe Ranieri here, props to them.

Use Automator?

Why not have your utility launch Xojo?

Because he may want to launch Xojo by double clicking on a project I assume.

Hm. If you were satisfied with dropping project files onto your helper app, you could launch xojo and then use IDE scripting to open the project.

Thanks for the ideas. Yes, I’m about 50/50 starting from the Xojo app or double clicking a project file. I was hoping there was a trick or plist change or terminal command that could trigger something that triggers my utility launch. Probably too virusy to be possible.

I tried starting Xojo when my app starts and that works very well. I’ll need to look into Automator more but I think its the same idea of replacing Xojo for app launching. For the other 50% I rarely drag files to an app. I’m going to think about the implications of doing Get Info on a project and changing all the Open Withs to the utility, which will just pass them on to Xojo.

Though now that I see these apps idle at 0 I’m tempted to change my habits and go for a always running app where I could add in more global automations.