Launch Screen?

How does one get a launch screen to show consistently? I’m not seeming to have any luck showing it at all with the latest version of iOS.

Obviously, I see other apps that have launch screens but I’m at a loss how to make it show for mine… Do I just need to have a normal screen that I show for a period of time instead?

Hi Jon,

What do you mean by show consistently?
The launch screen is displayed while the app is preparing the first view/screen. Maybe iOS14 launches your app so fast that it doesn’t have time to display the launch screen. Could that be the issue?

This might help:
In one of my apps I have some DB initialisation to do before displaying the home screen.

  1. I created a launch screen
  2. I created a MobileScreen / iOSView with the exact same design as the Launch screen. Let’s call it LoadingScreen
  3. I set that screen/view as the default iPhoneScreen and iPadScreen
  4. I have a timer in LoadingScreen that checks every 500ms that the DB is correctly loaded. When it is loaded, I replace the App.CurrentScreen with the correct home screen.

I think you hit the nail on the head, Jeremie. The app launches too quickly. What you suggested was exactly what I was thinking of doing. I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t doing something else incorrect.