Launch image/page - worth it?

It seems that I get a white page that takes about 10 seconds to go away on launch.
Can that time be reduced?
Do I NEED to provide a launch screen for an iOS app?
The last discussions on this appear to be over a year old with older versions of Xojo

If you want something else besides a white screen to appear when your app is loading then you’ll want to include a LaunchScreen.

To reduce the overall launch time I’d expect you’d want to have as little code running in the Open event of the App and/or default view so it can get on the screen quickly.

I recall you are copying files from the bundle to the documents folder.

If you are copying in the App.Open event, you should make sure to do this only once, or only for each new version update.
User experience on iOS is extremely important. Your app should open immediately the second time it is opened.

Good thinking, although I already do that.
Copying only occurs if the ‘support folder’ isn’t already there.

I don’t have a launch screen in the project, but this white page appears for several seconds before a line of my code has executed in