Launch failure: can't open plugin v4rb_cocoa_64.dylib

A beta tester of a 64-bit app built with Xojo 2017R2 has reported that it won’t launch, with the error “Could not open plugin v4rb_cocoa_64.dylib”. He’s tried this on two different machines running 10.12.6. A 32-bit build launches fine. He sent a crash log, which has this line

Assertion failed: (false, “Could not open plugin v4rb_cocoa_64.dylib”), function RuntimeLoadPlugin, file Common/plugin.cpp, line 1026.

Since I can’t reproduce this I don’t know where to start. Has anyone else seen this, and if so is the cause known?

Where does this come from “v4rb_cocoa_64.dylib”? Do you actually have a plugin called “v4rb_cocoa_64.dylib” in your plugins folder?

It’s in the built project (Frameworks folder). It’s not a plugin, it’s generated by Xojo.

“v4rb” sounds like a Valentina DB plugin.

Sorry. Thanks Paul, you’re right. I’ll contact Russian.