Launch a freshly created doc file on Linux?

I’m manually creating an RTF doc file and I want to open it in the user’s default RTF editor.

On Mac and Windows, f.Launch works. However, on Linux, nothing occurs. Does the folder item not track URI assignments (on Linux)? Is there a way to achieve this that is known?

What happens when you double-click that file?

It opens in LibreOffice Write on my test systems, so the URI is mapped.

Launch is not available in console applications.
Standard or Console application ?

Desktop application

I just tried this code on Linux Mint 20.3 and it opened the test.rtf file in my Documents folder with LibreOffice Writer:

Var doc As FolderItem
doc = SpecialFolder.Documents.Child("test.rtf")

So FolderItem.Open replaces FolderItem.Launch.

Could that be the issue here? I’m using .Launch.

It also works for me when I use Launch.

I know Mac has some weird issues where file handling almost feels asynchronous at times. Do you think that could be applying here? Is the file not-yet-written (or not done being created) at the time Launch is attempted?

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All I did was change RTFLog.Launch to RTFLog.Open(True) and it’s now opening in LibreOffice Writer on all 4 test platforms.

… stranger things!