Latest XOJO ,autocomplete is dead or partially functional

Hello ,

Is there anybody else that has issues with the latest XOJO on autocomplete ?

I create a Class or a module, I try to type ModuleName. then supposedly get the class or properties or whatever, nothing shows, I even start to type them they don’t even show so I need to remember what I put in the class and type them, quite annoying and it was working on previous ones. If I do a mistake it does show on errors so it is aware , just that the autocomplete seems more broken in the latest XOJO than any other version before it, or at least comparing with the last 4 versions.

Fixed are coming

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just saw that in another thread, thanks.

I noticed something strange three times and the last time I saw what I’ve done/what happened:
I typed a command, add a dot, type some characters and press Tab: the first characters stays and the completed part was… complete (two times part of the word stays together).

Is this squashed too ?

2021r2 / Big Sur / M1