Latest MAS Open Event code?

Years ago I copied the below code into my apps when adding to Apple’s MAS. Has this changed over time? Do we still need to call the macoslib ‘CertTools.IsValid’ routine — will the mention of ‘carbon’ cause a problem? An app of mine that I updated is now being rejected for calling ‘non-public APIs’ and I want to ensure this is not the cause.

Also, I just want to know if this is still the ‘mode du jour’?

[quote]Dim f as FolderItem = ExecutableFile.Parent.Parent.Child("MASReceipt").Child(“receipt”)
if Carbon.SystemVersionAsInt >= 100704 then
Dim appBundleID as String = “com.mysoftwarecompany.applicationName” // put the Bundle ID here that you registered in iTunes Connect for this app
if not CertTools.IsValid (CertTools.DeviceGUID, CertTools.ReadReceipt(f), appBundleID) then
declare sub exit
lib “System” alias “exit” (code as Integer)
exit_ (173)
else 'App is running on older OS that has no App Store support.
MsgBox “Sorry, but you must be running MacOS X 10.7.4 or later.”

I use the same code in my apps, and there are no problems with the carbon system call. I have run my apps on the next OS release “OS X El Capitan” and it works without any problem. Maybe the next release of Xojo 2015R3 makes a problem, because macOSLib is 32Bit. I don’t see any information on github for 64Bit support.

Thank you Horst. It always worries me when I see ‘Carbon’ nowadays as I think the MAS will reject anything Carbon (or PPC) and non-Cocoa!
I think my MAS rejection is coming from my use of Zip compression code which uses a lot of declares, so I have converted to MBS Compression and will re-submit to the MAS.
Also, AppWrapper warns there is some PPC code in the .dylib files I use to connect to databases, but I am unsure how to strip the PPC code out of a dylib or if this will be another source of MAS rejection.

CertTools from macOSLib does not work on 64Bit builds. I get a pointer error.