Latency and Web app

Hi everyone. We are just starting to use XOJO. I am wondering how the web application works. I know it is CGI but is a lot of the program logic processed within the browser, like java? The XOJO manual (great documentation compared to many other tools) warns about latency on web apps. I want to use XOJO as a db front end to a MYSQL database (among other things) and am worried about how this will function over the web. What I really want is to just use XOJO web for entering and displaying data, with the actual processing on the server. Thanks. Jack

Xojo web apps run on the server and this includes any code you write in Xojo. There is a JavaScript framework that runs in the browser but it is mainly used to communicate to the web app running on the server.

For evaluation, here is an example web app that displays and lets you edit data (it uses SQLite):

The full source code for this example is included with Xojo.

If you are using Mac OS X for development you can get some idea of what the internet latency is by using Network Link Conditioner. I wrote about at

We’re using Xojo for an accounting app for a client and speed isn’t much of an issue. We’re using SQLite for the database but if your DB Server is on the same network/domain you probably won’t see many issues. The caveat, of course, is that a) you’re queries don’t take very long in which case you’ll want to throw up appropriate progress bars/messages and b) you’re not trying to load a million rows of data into a listbox or dynamic container list (use paging).

Thanks Guys. Definitely makes my decision on using XOJO seem like a good one. I really didn’t want to use PHP or ASP for this.