Last Xojo version to use for Mac OSX 10.6

i just found out i cannot run application created by the latest version of XOJO on a MacOSX 10.6. what is the Xojo that i can use?? i remember someone mention this in the forum but i can’t find the post.

Hi Richard,

it is there:

and they say 10.6 is OK running in an INTEL processed machine.

oops… sorry i mean to say latest beta for Xojo.

No answer then, sorry.

i seem to remember being Xojo2013r3 but not very sure.

Yes it is…

I like to use teh current version unless it is too buggy… But while I did not realize it at first, dropping 10.6 is turning out to be problematic for me as a number of machines where I work are at 10.6.8

  • Karen

in my office, we have macosx 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9. since one of product need to be supplier to client that i have no idea what macosx they have, keeping with Xojo2013r3 is the best.

2013r4 now requires 10.7, so probably 2013r3 should work.

2013r4 requires OS X 10.7 or later.

2013r3.3 requires OS X 10.6 or later.

For more information:

Eh, too bad the Xserve I’m happily running here at the university does not support any system newer than 10.6. All the updates to the Web target will do nothing to me… :frowning:

I believe any Intel Xserve can run 10.7.5 as long as it has 2 GB of ram.

Did Richard mean the latest Xojo that can run on 10.6 or can BUILD Xojo apps for other 10.6 users?

2013r4 can do neither. 2013r3 and prior can do both.

i am talking about application created not using XOJO on Mac OSX 10.6

it’s a shame to abandon 10.6 like this, without any warning.
I still have a lot of customers under 10.6, so are they under windows xp that is not abandonned by xojo
I understand that you may leave 10.4 or 10.5 or powerpc support.
but please I hope it’s only a small checkbox when you compiled xojo and that you will re-enable it !
windows xp was released in 2001 and 10.6 was released in 2009
I may understand that you leave 10.6 when you leave xp (and there are still 8 years between them !)
I loved realbasic, and realstudio because they supported even old system versions
I have a support plan for my xojo that’s still 1,5 years available, I will certainly not use it, it’s a shame.

If you look at the deprecation list, you can see that we’ve consistently supported a few versions back of OS X based on the time of the IDE release. Apple has now ceased all support for 10.6 including both developer tools and updates. In fact, the official security update from Apple for 10.6 is to install 10.9 (for free on supported hardware). There are also additional things Apple has done like requiring AV Foundation (instead of Quicktime or QTKit) in the App Store- which doesn’t even exist until 10.7. Apple only supports 2-3 versions back, and we have to work along the same path.

We continue to support Windows XP for apps because Microsoft still supports their developer tools on that version and continues to provide updates. It’s a very different scenario compared to Apple and OS X.

You might as well hope for the Easter Bunny. Not that simple.

[quote=53435:@jean-yves pochez]I may understand that you leave 10.6 when you leave xp (and there are still 8 years between them !)
I loved realbasic, and realstudio because they supported even old system versions

As I said dropping 10.6 is a real issue for me… Even though 10.9 is free where I work there is no IT department and we are on Macs but a fair number are on 10… But because they are not there own machines, and many of the people don’t have Macs of their own they don’t have Apple ID’s so could not download and install 10.9 even if they wanted to.

I understand that the decision was based on Apple changes to and future directions for the OS… but practically it is an issue for me.

I wonder if it is possible to make it so if an App is compiled with 2013r4 + , if it would at least be possible in 10.6 for it to put a message up stating the minimum OS version required if run on 10.6…

  • Karen

Such a message should show up automatically. Is it not doing that?

will you stop compiling for xp on april 2014 when microsoft stops xp support too ? I doubt.