Last UNOFFICAL Version of Xojo that will compile for 10.6.8

I an working on a project that I just found out has to be able to be used on 10.6.8…

I know the depreciation pages says that last OFFICALLY supported version for 10.6 is 2013r3.3… But maybe a somewhat more recent version will work?

I hoping I can use something newer when I compile for that machine…

I’m writing API 1 code but I am not sure of all the API 1 changes and bug fixes that happened between 2013r3.3 and 2019R1.1…

The more recent the Xojo version I can use, the less that will likely be an issue.

This project also requires the Einhugur PDF plugin (current) and the MBS ChartDirector plugin (from Last year)…

How old an IDE and OS will these plugins work for?


This will have more to do with what MacOS SDK versions the Xojo versions support than anything

Current MBS Xojo Plugins work for Realbasic 2006r4 to Xojo 2020r1.

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Until I finish updating my work’s large (ancient) application, I’ve been having to do builds for 10.6.8. If I remember properly, 2013r3.3 is the latest version who’s builds support 10.6.8. I’m pretty sure I tried a the next few versions of Xojo and nothing else worked.

On the upside 2012R2.1 had a really good IDE … :wink: