Last thing that happens when app starts up

For the app’s Opening event, the docs have this to say:


The app is opening.

The Opening event is the first event called when your app starts.

The Activated event is called after the Opening event.

What I’d like to know, is what is the last event to be called when the app starts up - after all the windows and controls have been constructed and their Opening events run. The moment, IOW, when the app becomes quiescent, waiting perhaps for user input or the earliest timer to expire.

I need to know when I can safely assume that any resizing of a control done because of the window and control sizes stored in a database, have all been read in and applied.

Most probably, Activated, then Resized.

In such a case as what you describe, I often use a single timer, 200ms or so.

Mmm, possibly unreliable, I’d say, especially if Time Machine is running…

This issue is only a problem because changing things such as control sizes in software, causes events to fire. I need to distinguish between some resizing events happening at startup as described, and genuine user-effected resizings happening later.

Are you in effect saying that there is no reliable way to know what happens last, at startup?

I have sometimes found that Timers run BEFORE the Opening Event runs!

You may want to place a system.debuglog currentmethodname in each event. That may give you the insight you seek.

Yes, I had considered that. Somewhat of a daunting prospect.