Larger text for Xojo IDE help files (Language Reference)

I am working on my first “Real” Xojo program (A small Roof Truss Trigonometry helper) and need the Language Reference available on my 2nd Screen. The issue I have is with the font sizes. If i select ‘Use Built in documentation’ there are Larger / Smaller text buttons that do not work. If I use the ‘Online Documentation’ there appears to be no options to increase the font sizes. My solution I have just discovered is to Use my web browser(Safari) and access the Language Reference directly from the Xojo Website. Safari allows for the Larger / smaller font sizes. Am I missing something in the 'Help" from the Xojo IDE? or are the fonts set at one size. Maybe it is something that needs a fix in the future.

My system is a Late 2012 iMac running Mavericks and Xojo 4.1.

THe local doc set was, at one time, rendered using custom code in the IDE so we could do whatever we wanted.
However the fidelity with the wiki was not perfect.
Now we actually build the doc set differently so fidelity is improved - wit the commensurate loss of of the larger/smaller font sizing - for now.
That should be something that we can return to working order it just hasn’t been top of the priority pile at the moment.

Thanks Norman for the reply. I understand it is very low on the priority pile.
The link from the Xojo website to the Language Reference for viewing in a web browser is all I need to keep progressing.

It would be nice to have some sprite features though.I guess I need to learn openGL in the future.

OpenGL is definitely the way to go
Alwyn Bester has some examples - not rue they include animation though

See 2D Sprites (Alwyn Bester’s site).

Thanks for the advice and the link…I will progress towards OpenGL shortly after I finish my work program.