Larger group box then main window

Hi everybody
How can i build a groupbox (move and reveal by scrollbar) who will be larger than the main window
In the IDE iv make my groupbox larger of the main window… but the element that iv put inside
doesnt belong to the group box anymore… so doesnt appear with the scrollbar motion

ok maybe i don’t take it the right way
How can i make a form (desktop not web) that is 3 time the length of the main window
I can’t split it apart (it must visually match an existing web form)

Desktop app?

Making a window be 3 times the size of the screen is easy: just type 3000 into the height property.
Scrolling it isn’t easy, because if you move it off the top of the screen (top < 0) then you don’t have the title any more.

Sounds like you need a scrolling canvas, where the window is (say) 1080 pixels high but the canvas is 3000 high.
If you are struggling to place the controls where they should be, place them anywhere at design time and then move them to the right place in the open event?

You just said the magic word (Canvas)
Thats i meant [quote]maybe i don’t take it the right way[/quote]
The canvas scrolling behaviour don’t react like group box alone
even if at the design time i place object outside of the main window
When i scroll up… the object follow the motion and appear
Now i place my group box inside canvas and it works