Labels no longer transparent by default

Feedback case 15940 was implemented in Xojo 2015R4 to make new labels transparent by default.
In 2018r1.1 they are no longer transparent by default.
I am aware of the workarounds to make them transparent at runtime, but it sure was nice when I just dragged a new label and it was transparent.
I cannot find any feedback indicating this was intentionally changed.
Does anyone know whether this behavior was changed by design, or is it a regression?

I recall people saying that Transparency and z-layered image composition seems broken in Windows 2018r1x

I filed a feedback request and this was Norman’s response:

This is expected and normal as it primarily affects drawing speed on Windows[/quote]

Guess I need to get back in the habit of setting Transparent = True every time I add a label. Ugh!

Back in 2017R2 Norman added a way of changing the default values of controls see <>

Thanks, Wayne. I will attempt to implement that.