Labels in CircularDataset in Desktop Charts

Hi team!

I’m adding multiple Circular datasets to a Doughnut Desktop Chart and can’t see a way to add the arrays of labels to the datasets rather than the chart, so the popovers in the inner ring are incorrect.

The inner ring is being used to group the values in the outer ring.

Have missed something or is there a workaround? I’d really like to show this extra data.
Any other suggestions?

thanks for any assistance!


I haven’t found any other workarounds other than hiding the popovers in the chart.

Is there a mouseover event for DesktopChart where I could turn them off and on?
Or is there any way to override what shows inside a Chart popover?

For the next person.

I did a temporary fix by adding a buffer of x 0.0 values to the beginning of the second dataset values, so that I could add the second dataset labels at the end of the first dataset’s labels and everything matches correctly.

It’s confusing and hacky but works and is invisible to the user, so that’s that for now.

Issue logged at