Label text color to specific letters

Hi everyone, I have an issue that can’t figure out. I have a label which text changes often based on the input. When I originally created it using one color was fine. But now I actually need to see if I can make the last 3 characters be a different color and perhaps a different size as well. Or either one. In the image below is the large display on the upper right.

I was trying to do it on an Open Event Handler for itself. But can only change the entire thing.


Don’t think you’ll be able to do what you want with the label control. I would try using a subclass of canvas and drawing each digit in the color, size, and position you want.

You can try StyledTextPrinter and canvas.
Write in a hidden TextArea and display in a canvas

Thanks! I think I am going to split the label into 3 and write each part separately. Kindof the “write a hidden text area” you mentioned.


You could use a textarea directly.
If you set readonly, background color and no border, it looks like it is a label and you can format it.