Label Text baseline shifts on click if "Selectable" is set on macOS

Okay - this one’s graphically bad and just got a new app dinged by a major publication’s review editor.

I have a stacked section of Labels presenting non-mutable text to the user that are set as Selectable. They are fine when displayed, but the baseline for the assigned text shifts up by one pixel when the user clicks on the text and back to the original position when clicking off of the label. Because this is happening on a project detail sheet with a lot of data presented in record format, it is highly noticeable.

Video? Xojo version? macOS version?

Xojo labels are odd.

2019r1, 2018r4, macOS 10.13.6, macOS 10.14.4.

Trying to get Quicktime to record on my UHD monitor.

However, it may be related to the Label height. Since I’m using SmallSystem, I set the height of the label to 18 and they are spaced 1 pixel apart on the window. Two of them don’t exhibit the shift and they are multiline and 54 pixels high (3 lines).

Did a quick test with Xojo 2018r3 on Mojave and it looks rather funky. System font. I hadn’t even noticed that there was a selectable property. Setting the label to multiline makes the shifting go away.